When I was a toddler, I screamed every time my mum would turn my pram in the direction of our local M&S. In hindsight, I now understand that this is because she spent inordinate amounts of time browsing the rails while I became increasingly restless. But my, how times have changed, and I totally get how my mum could quite happily spend what felt like an eternity in M&S, mainly because that’s something I like to do now that I’m a grown-up (gulp). Honestly, I can come up with just about any excuse to hit up Marks & Spencer: “I need new bras,” or, “I’m all out of milk,” or, “I’ve reached the end of the wick in my last Apothecary candle.” Truly, there’s no place I’d rather spend an hour or two working my way through fashion and homeware pieces, inevitably ending up with armfuls of edible treats in the food hall.

But let’s turn our attention back to fashion, shall we? As we’ve established, I know my way around an M&S, and during the hours I’ve spent there, I’ve deduced that all of my favourite M&S fashion items have one thing in common: They all come from the Autograph collection.

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