WEEK OF April 18 – 2 4, 2022

The self-assured Sun is blazing through Aries and your tenth house of professional success, positioning you for recognition and maybe a role of greater responsibility. And you are SO ready! Yet on Monday, April 18, el Sol slams into one of its two annual collisions with secretive, controlling Pluto in Capricorn and your house of relationships. Is a putative pal or partner adding stress to a situation they don’t really have any business being involved in? Under this conflating Sun-Pluto meetup, that situation could intensify, but rather than fighting fire with fire, use this as a catalyst to get ahead on a personal or work project. Just because everyone wants a piece of you doesn’t mean you have to give in to them. You are the boss of you, Cancer, and you get to train (or remind) people that “no” means no. And if one person in particular is being obstinate, have a proactive face-to-face meeting in which you calmly and rationally explain your position and why YOU’RE not going to budge. If you can do that without getting defensive, they’ll know you mean business.

The discordant dynamic should settle down by Tuesday evening, when the Sun wraps up its annual tour of your career corner and relocates to Taurus and your social and collaborative eleventh house until May 20. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, you’ve probably made some major strides toward turning your day job into a dream scenario. If you have, then these four weeks can be an enriching time of hanging with your favorite people and enjoying the fruits of your labor. If you’re still manifesting, this is a perfect time to sharpen your networking skills and practice the fine art of blending business with pleasure, something Cancers naturally excel at. During this transit, ANY project has the potential to become a group activity—the more hands on deck the better! Your new buzzword may become teamwork. And, since the eleventh house rules technology, you might upgrade your electronic devices or software or finally show your brilliant app idea to a developer friend. Single and looking? Update those dating profiles, take new photos, and throw yourself into the swiping scene with abandon.

But don’t drop your guard this weekend. On Saturday, a quarter moon turns up the heat in your secretive eighth house, possibly sparking a situation that warrants a little investigation. Were you a little too quick to accept a situation at face value or did you gloss over questions that have been turning around in your brain nonstop ever since? This balancing moon can help you pull the emergency brake on a runaway train and give you a chance to conduct that due diligence. Don’t feel “silly” for running perfectly normal background checks on all parties involved. And if money is changing hands, consult a lawyer about the need for a contract or to scrutinize the fine print on any paperwork. Quarter moons restore equilibrium, and this one, in your house of shared resources, is a perfect reminder of how important it is to protect all your assets, from finances to intellectual property.

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