So why GHD? “They offer a collection of four barrel sizes, depending on the kind of blow-dry you are hoping to achieve,” says Eaton. “The largest barrel, size 4, is great for perfecting a big bouncy blow-dry at home, and size 2 is perfectly sized for adding volume at the root on shorter hairstyles.” So you can kind of curate the set you need for you hair length and the style you want.

One tip I do have is to make sure you always detangle your hair before your start. As stylists say, you need to do the foundation work first. For all hair types, this means combing through knots and tangles, but if you have curly or Afro-textured hair like I do, you’ll need to detangle and use a paddle brush to straighten first before then using these brushes to smooth and give the hair bounce. You won’t reap the benefits of these brushes if you don’t do that foundation work first.

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